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Endorsers of Titan Grips

Obviously, we’re big fans of Titan Grips— as the founders of the company, we know better than anybody what makes them so uniquely awesome! But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We’ve been blessed to have the support of the world’s most well-known and recognizable bodybuilders and fitness experts. Discover what they have to say about Titan Grips and the benefits of using them by reading their testimonials below!


Why did you partner with Titan Grips?

"Titan Grips fit well with my joints and relieves aches I’ve had from lifting certain angles in the gym. I already loved the product, but everyone on the team was an added bonus."

Why should people use our grips?

"They can change so many workouts you’re already doing and help if you are at a stalemate. They literally make new exercises on almost every movement."

What are your two favorite muscle groups to hit with Titan Grips?

"Back and biceps!

"I can’t believe a little piece like these Titan Grips can change so many workouts I’ve done for years. I’m seriously just making sh*t up in the gym like they’re toys. I just throw them on exercises just to see how and where it changes the stimulation points.

The main focus for me is targeting my inner upper chest. Like all of you, I’ve put the 2x4 across machines to do close grip, diamond presses, etc. By throwing [Titan Grips] on a simple incline hammer strength, I can target that area without engaging my shoulders."



Why did you choose to attach your name to Titan Grips?

"I saw greats like Sergio and Shanique using them so I trusted the brand. I have issues (pain) with my forearms when training biceps and the grips helped relieve pain while training."

Why should people use Titan Grips?

"People should use them when trying to change up their lifts and hit different muscle groups in their lifts. [Titan Grips] require you to use muscle fibers you aren't used to using to bring out the full potential of the muscles growth."

What are your favorite muscle groups to use Titan Grips on?

"Definitely arms and chest."


Why did you partner with Titan Grips?

"After testing them out over a few months and [seeing] people I consider more experienced than me also use them, I felt comfortable associating my name with the Titan Grips."

Why should people use Titan grips?

"I think the biggest advantages that Titan Grips have over others is that they change the angle to help with either wrist pain and/or give a better angle to improve muscle contractions."

What are your favorite muscle groups to use the grips on?

"I use them for my entire upper so I don’t have a favorite muscle group, but my favorite things to use them on are the smith machine and machine preacher curls."