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Our Story

Who We Are

As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve spent hundreds of hours in the gym, performing dozens of exercises with thousands of reps. Though we’ve felt the satisfaction of accomplishment, we’ve also felt the frustration of ineffective routines, the pain of joint injuries, and the disappointment of performance plateaus. Although we’ve always been passionate advocates for weight training, we know how the lack of seeing results can erase your motivation to go to the gym. We developed Titan Grips to be a powerful and affordable tool specifically to address these issues, optimizing the effectiveness of every piece of strength-training equipment. Our mission is to give casual gym-goers the same flexibility, power, and versatility enjoyed by professional bodybuilders.

The founding team of Titan Fitness is driven by a passion for backing the Titan name with incredible customer service. Through our dedication to product excellence, we have been able to partner with some of the world’s most recognizable fitness experts! Their enthusiasm for Titan Grips proves a high level of quality design, and we’re proud to be backed by their endorsements.

Find out how a simple tweak to your grip can dramatically change your results by checking out our workouts through our YouTube channel. We invite you to add power to your workout with Titan Grips.